Area reps weigh in on D.C. aftermath

State Sen. Patrick M. Gallivan, R-Elma

Following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement on Wednesday that a limited number of spectators would be allowed to attend the Buffalo Bills home playoff game in January, state Sen. Patrick M. Gallivan, R-Elma, issued a statement calling for the state to reopen restaurants.

The text of Gallivan’s statement:

“The Governor’s decision to allow a limited number of spectators to attend next month’s Buffalo Bills home playoff game is good news for fans and the team. Now, I call on the governor to allow restaurants to reopen their dining rooms to customers.

“The state’s own data indicates that restaurants are not the major source of Covid-19 spread, yet those located in designated orange zones are prohibited from serving customers inside.

“Appropriate restrictions to keep people safe, such as social distancing and mask wearing should continue. Most restaurants have proven that they are responsible and will abide by these guidelines.

“It is unfair and unreasonable to single out the restaurant industry and expect these businesses to operate on take-out orders alone. Restaurants have been forced to cut staff or to close completely. Unless the current restrictions are eased, more will be forced out of business for good. The impact on our economy will be devastating.”

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