Freedom??? As New Yorkers are we free? I don’t feel that way.

We have choices to get the vaccine shot but not to choose other wise. All kinds of ways we are punished if we decide to not get the shot. With out due process of law the state has decided to enforce mandates or lose your job. Can’t go to a Bills game.

When are our representatives in Albany going to step in and put an end to the madness.

What about the freedom of people who are allergic to the shot. They are few in number but they do exist in this county. They can’t get the shot but suffer with the consequences of not being compliant.

Where does the power of the state end. Where will the power of an uncontrolled state lead???

The state has other groups of people they don’t like. People of religious conviction. The state has decided that not getting the shot for religious reasons is wrong. When did the state {the governor} get the power to decide what religions are good or bad without a crime being committed.

If the state is left unchecked what other freedoms will be eroded, freedom of speech is next.

John Rohrbaugh


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