Corrupt politicians in numerous states have passed restrictive voting laws recently and more are on the way. Don’t be fooled by pundits and industry – and billionaire-funded media outlets that claim this is for election security. They are lying and the evidence is obvious.

Voter fraud is simply not a significant problem, and certainly not one that warrants the draconian measures that are being taken.

In Texas, since 2004 there have been 94 million votes cast and only 534 instances of voter fraud. That’s a fraud rate of 0.00057% – clearly an extremely small number. In Georgia, only 24 fraud cases are being prosecuted from 2020-21, out of about five million votes cast. That’s a fraud rate of 0.00048% –also incredibly low and consistent with the Texas numbers.

Why would the supposed “party of small government” pass the incredibly restrictive and freedom-impinging laws if there’s no real issue?

It’s because they’re cheaters and cowards. They saw in the last national election that they were simply outnumbered and rather than review their policy positions and adapt them to the needs of the American people, the GOP has abandoned policy and governance entirely. They have sacrificed any actual principles or integrity, in favor of a personality cult that they will maintain with whatever authoritarian and fascistic means necessary. That includes repressing the vote by passing these laws that disproportionately affect the disabled, the poor, and minority communities.

It is cheating. It is corruption. It is a real anti-democratic conspiracy, hiding in plain sight. It is un-American. And it is evil. Do not be fooled and don’t think that what I’ve said is hyperbole. It is a threat to our Republic.

What can we do about it? Support HR1, the “For the People Act.” It makes voting more accessible to every citizen, secures and protects our right and ability to vote, prevents states from excluding certain Americans, and makes sure that redistricting commissions are nonpartisan.

Call or email Congressman Jacobs and GOP Senators and representatives from around the nation. They are somehow against these things upon which we should all be able to agree. They still oppose making voting accessible to all American citizens, but may be swayed by public opinion.

We must fight the fear mongering and misinformation by making sure that HR1 passes.

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