Once again our local counties and municipalities are about their elections. Once again many of this elections are uncontested.

Why do we have uncontested elections? Those elected would say no one is interested or do not have the time but both are not true. People do care and will make the time. In the past few years I attended a number of board and committee meetings. Some of them get a few people. In a few cases they had a full house. They will make the time only if they are really pushed because their elected officials don’t listen to them. People really don’t care what your are politics. They just want to be heard.

See I don’t like uncontested elections and there should never be one. Some would say and have asked, you should run. It is difficult to do a independent run and there are a few hoops to jump through, It all has to be time right. In another case I offered to fill in for an open slot for one of the parties and was told they don’t know me. I guess, no candidates is better than having a candidate. I even told one person I was going to run against them and they where understood what I was doing. So when you go vote on November 2, 2021, and you see an uncontested election put your name in. I plan to. Let them know we want contested elections and you do care.

Edward Forsythe


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