ORES is an acronym we should all know. It stands for the Office of Renewable Energy Siting, established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act signed by Governor Cuomo in 2019. It is designed to unlock the jobs, tax and investment benefits of large-scale renewable energy projects in our community.

Previously these projects were mired in a cumbersome, bureaucratic process. Only eight of these beneficial new solar and wind plants have survived it so far. ORES is designed to get shovels in the ground much faster, speeding our reaction to the profound climate change all around us, and meeting the goals of our state’s nation-leading climate policy.

Even if you’re not worried about climate change — and you should be — large-scale renewable energy projects will help pull us out of our economic depression with millions of dollars of local tax payments and leases.

I call upon Supervisor Pangrazio to help get ORES off the ground as quickly as possible, and for the community to get behind this public benefit.

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