Dear Avon Residents:

Outrageous, is the word. The Town of Avon, Supervisor and Council members have proposed giving themselves a raise. Not just any raise mind you, but a 44.6% raise for the Town Supervisor and a 14.6% raise for the Council members. Now remember that they just passed the, “Preliminary Budget, as the Final Annual Budget,” on October 26, 2020. Nowhere in that budget was there mention of these raises. From what budget line item will these increased salaries be taken?

The discussion for these raises started in November, after the budget was adopted. At the December Board Meeting all the members voted to, “Modify the salaries of certain officers of the Town.” This was done pursuant to several New York State Town Laws. (108, 27.1). Yes, they will have a virtual hearing on December 29, 2020, just before their regular meeting during which they will most likely pass the Local Law approving the raise.

The raises they are requesting will amend the current salary for the Town Supervisor from $22,400 to $32,400. Yes a $10,000 raise. The Council Members’ salaries will be adjusted from $6,275 to $7,5000, a $1,125 raise. Not bad for part-time jobs that are now conducted virtually. I’m sure they will argue that they have not had a raise in several years, however why now? The Town Clerk only received a 1.5% raise and I don’t hear any complaining.

Remember, when they run for office and, “we the people,” vote them into office, they accept the job to serve the residents of Avon with its conditions, problems and rewards.

Since the covid-19 attack back in March, we have more residents of Avon unemployed, local businesses, especially restaurants, struggling to survive, more individuals than normal are receiving food from the Food Pantry and our schools and school children are working harder than ever. Additionally, the State of New York has told local governments that they will NOT be receiving their normal, “Assistance to Municipalities.” Sales tax revenues are down which will result in the local share being lower.

So why the raise? Why now? Lack of leadership, lack of empathy for the residents and businesses that struggle? Greed? You decide.

Outrageous, is what it is. Make yourself heard. Email or call the Town Supervisor and Council members at the below addresses. Write the local newspapers and television and tell them what is going on. Show up for the Virtual Hearing on December 29, 2020 in at 6 p.m, by dialing 1-646-307-1990 and using the access code 152-725-660-

And last but not least next November remember this travesty, when you go to the polls to vote.


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