I am writing to tell. You will get it wrong with Nate McMurray, I meet him once when the five Democrats declared they were running at MacVittie Union at SUNY Geneseo and walked away the second time, when he said of the people at the Hemlock Fair in 2018 “these are not the voters we want.” The fair is attended by lots of working families of all backgrounds looking to have some family fun with their limited budgets.

McMurray has had the last 2018 election ticket and this one handed to him. The last, one, all the other candidates left the election for the “unity” of the party. This election the governor has set it up for him by delaying the setting of the election and moving it back.

I am not voting for him and suggest you don’t as well. We don’t need another lawyer for sure and especially one that does not really support working people.

Edward Forsythe


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