Mr. Jacobs. I live in your 27th congressional district and you are not representing my wishes. Your vote to sustain the objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes and nullify that state’s choice for President of the United States horrified me.

Your vote tells me you are not willing to honor our Constitution that guarantees its citizens the right to elect the person they see most fit to govern them.

I would not have had this strong reaction if the candidate you supported for President understood the responsibilities of the office he fights to retain. You support a man who has proven himself to be a menace to our country, who’s poor decisions impact all from the very least of us to the foundation of our democracy itself. Mr. Trump’s validation that “might makes right” has empowered those who can’t accept the fact that the majority of their countrymen do not want the chaos of his administration to continue.

Your vote makes me believe you also think it is acceptable to exert force to change the lawful outcome of this election. For what reason, I can’t say but suspect it is for either profit or power.

What I know without doubt is that your choice to overturn the results has nothing to do with your constituent’s well-being.

For shame, Mr. Jacobs. If you can’t see that the outcome of your choice would lead us one step closer to a government by the privileged, for the privileged, you need to resign your position.



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