As a retired Registered Nurse my heart goes out to medical professionals especially those directly involved with COVID 19 patients.

Medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other medical personnel go into these professions to help people get better.

These medical professionals work to help people return to what they were doing prior to their medical problem. Medical Doctors spend 8-12 years studying ways to make life better. Medical professionals strive to enable the sick and injured to return to more normalcy. They want people to return to work safely.

As we all go through this COVID 19 experience it seems we all need to listen to wise medical advice.

It is baffling to me to read and or see on TV people who have not had extensive medical training telling our country when to open up. A doctor releases a person to work when he or she feels that person can do the job successfully and not have a relapse.

Doctors do not want to have a resurgence of COVID 19. It will be our quickest path back to normalcy. Sound medical advice will allow for the safest and quickest re-opening of our country.


Nancy Donnan Coleman RN, BSN


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