Congressman Chris Jacobs has made some surprising votes recently. Jacobs has been a full-fledged Trump sycophant during his tenure in Congress, even gleefully accepting Trump’s blatant and demonstrably untrue lies about Jacobs’ opponent during the last election cycle. Now, he seems to be willing to turn against Trump by being one of 35 Republicans to vote for the January 6th Commission.

He also supported the “Hate Crimes Act,” which is a big change from his previous opposition to any and all bills that would protect minority communities (voted no on the “Justice in Policing Act” and to extend the deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment, for example).

What has brought about this change in direction? Has Mr. Jacobs developed a sense of integrity or perhaps a conscience? Doubtful. Indeed, despite the “180” in ideology, he is holding true to his political pattern: he is an opportunist.

Mr. Jacobs is a chameleon and a phony. He will go whichever way the wind is blowing. It has nothing to do with what is good for his constituents - he opposes infrastructure investment, protecting our national parks, and funding apprenticeship programs, as just a few examples.

No, it is all about getting re-elected, maintaining his personal power, and distracting us while he does favors for his billionaire buddies. Jacobs’ flipflopping should anger progressives, Democrats, Republicans and even Trump supporters because Jacobs has shown that he really only cares about himself and his rich cronies.

Once “socially-liberal moderate,” then “far right Trumpist,” now “establishment conservative”...always a fake.

Chris Lynn


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