I did not feel it coming on, this case of the “judgementals.”

But there it was, fully developed.

The cause was exposure to Hallmark Channel’s autumn line-up. Fake leaves, fake flowers, fake pumpkins, fake trees, and frequent-faked-feelings ... Each sighting contributed to the ailment.

Then I glanced out the window.

A real tree was partially covered in fluttering leaves of red, orange, and gold ... Partially covered, because it is late October, and several leaves had already fallen. Those were running around the base of the tree. The late afternoon sun created highlights and shadows on the scene.

It dawned on me that not everyone lives in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. When it comes to autumn decor, SOME people must rely on Hallmark instead of Mother Nature. Glad I’m not one of those people. I am feeling less judgemental. Thankfulness is good medicine.

Bottom line: Think and thank before you judge. Then go make some chocolate fudge.

(Just kidding on the second line)

Get out and enjoy that seasonal decor!

Beth Ely Sleboda, OPL


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