Dear Editor,

For many decades, education has increasingly been taken out of the control of parents and teachers. State and federal mandates and curriculum have been required under threat of funding being withheld. Now Cuomo “is collaborating with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to envision what education should look like in the near future. Making better use of technology will be the focus of this partnership. One of the areas we can really learn from is education because the old model of our education system where everyone sits in a classroom is not going to work in the new normal” (“Getting Schooled,” The (Batavia) Daily News, May 15).

Now teachers are compelled to communicate with students online, but it is a poor substitute for classroom teaching. An important aspect of teaching is the personal relationship, encouragement, and correction which children need.

What agenda does Cuomo want to push or is he just trying to exercise power? It is more difficult for parents to follow what children are taught online. Where do the arts and sports fit into his “new normal”? What are his and the Gates’ qualifications in education?

The pandemic is not permanent and should not be an excuse for redesigning education. As we are told, we will get through this.

Many improvements can be made in education, but what Cuomo has in mind seems to be more state control, and do I dare say, mind control.


Linda Hyland


Johnson Newspapers 7.1