Big Tree Street was the place to grow up in Livonia

Provided Photograph Beth Ely Sleboda reflects on childhood adventures of the red-headed Wingate kids and the towheaded Elys.

Once upon a time there were two families who shared a driveway on Big Tree Street, in Livonia, New York.

Glenn and Shirley Wingate made red-headed kids. Frank and Hilda Ely made towheads. The kids had a fabulous childhood, playing with the many other children who lived in the neighborhood.

Nobody worried about bad things happening. Everyone listened to the parents in whose yards they played. They climbed trees, swung on swings, tumbled, and played baseball in Aunt Martha Krisher’s backyard. First base was one of the posts that supported a grapevine. They pretended they were in school (Lorrie was the teacher). They put on shows (The First Annual Fun and Talent Show).

Over the years, the kids grew up and moved away. All, except!

I have lived on the east side, the west side, and all around this town of Livonia. But I must say that 95 Big Tree Street was the BEST!

East side and the west side,

all around this town...

South side was the best side.

Yes, it was. Hands down.

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