Chris Jacobs named to Ag Committee


Dear Editor:

I recently saw the LCN video about Congressman Chris Jacobs giving out a “Veteran of the Month” award. This is certainly a nice thought, and something that I encourage and would expect to see any representative, regardless of party, do.

But let’s all understand what this really is: it is a cynical publicity stunt by Mr. Jacobs to distract from his disastrous tenure in Congress thus far. He is using our respect for veterans to make himself look good.

He did the same thing at a “Back-the-Blue” rally back in the fall. At that event, rather than sticking to the topic of honoring police, he turned it into a Pro-Trump and re-election campaign speech. There is a time and place for those things, but that wasn’t it. He sees these men and women, who risked everything for our freedom and security, as a means to his own political ends.

And it’s working. Mr. Jacob’s giving of this award in Batavia made it into the news, while most of his votes which are decidedly against the interests of his constituents, usually don’t make the cut. This isn’t a jab at publications like the LCN – it’s tough to decide what to include and many of these votes probably wouldn’t attract a lot of readership. For this reason, let me break down a list of at least some of those decisions:

n Voted NO on the Great American Outdoors Act, which aims to preserve and protect our national parks.

n Voted NO on a military funding bill only because it called for renaming bases named after Confederate generals.

n Voted NO on the Delivering for America Act which protected the Post Office, and then lied, saying it was an “accident” when there was public backlash.

n Voted NO on the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act that protects POC students from discrimination.

n Voted NO on the Condemning All Forms of Anti-Asian Sentiment Act which aimed to resist anti-Asian racism related to COVID-19.

n Voted NO to the Expanding Access to Sustainable Energy Act, which provides grants to rural energy co-ops to develop renewable energy sources.

n Voted YES to Reaffirm the House’s commitment to an orderly and peaceful transfer of power, only to flip-flop after the election and refuse to accept the results and then refuse to hold instigators of a violent attack on the Capitol responsible.

n Voted NO on the Uyghur Forced Labor Disclosure Act which would have forced companies to report their business activities in the Uyghur region of China. Why is Jacobs supporting secrecy in shady dealings with the Chinese?

n Voted NO on the Heroes Act which provided $600 stimulus checks to every American.

n Voted YES to Condemn QAnon, but appeared at rallies with QAnon supporters and organizers and refused to call them out, in fact asking for their support for his re-election.

n Voted NO to condemn unwanted medical procedures from being performed on Federal detainees without their consent.

n Voted NO on the National Apprenticeship Act which would have created a Labor Department Office to provide grants and support for vocational training and apprenticeships.

n Voted NO to remove marijuana from the scheduled substances list and investigate methods of gaining revenue from its sale and taxation.

n Voted NO to accept the Electoral College results in an effort to overturn a legitimate election and negate the votes of 80 million Americans.

n Voted NO to impeach Donald Trump despite the likelihood that he incited the Jan. 6 riots. Note that this vote would only call for a trial, not make a determination of guilt.

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Mr. Jacobs can hand out all the awards he wants, but we need to see that they are only ploys to distract us from his incompetence and lack of moral character. When it comes time to vote in Congress, he doesn’t support veterans – he doesn’t support any of us. He only has his personal gain and political future in mind. Mr. Jacobs must resign and make way for a true representative with actual principles and integrity.

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