There’s unrest in the streets and vicious partisan division in Washington. Vast numbers of people are out of work. The reality TV billionaire who occupies the White House is tossing aside fundamental democratic norms, even hinting he might not accept the election results. He’s been impeached… READ MORE

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New York’s COVID-19 infection rate is reducing in specific state microclusters, but continued to fluctuate with 3.2% positive in “red zone” areas Thursday — more than half of Wednesday’s rate of 6.61% in state hot spots, and up from 2.91% positive Tuesday.

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This is the first year voters will be allowed to cast ballots early in a presidential election. It’s a welcome expansion of the democratic process, especially in an era of face coverings and social distancing.

Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his phased-in reopening plan for New York, the state went from worst to first in the nation in coronavirus infection rate. But, as COVID gets more defiant by spiking in various hot spots, the governor and his aides seem to be getting more petulant.

If there is one issue in New York at this moment that requires answers, it’s the number of nursing home deaths at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and the reason the state is stonewalling discovery of what happened and why.

Unemployment rates in the GLOW region counties are down from their April peak, but a July surge is cause for concern even as more businesses adapt and reopen as the area tries to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the guidance of health experts from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, New York state has emerged from the deadly shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic to record and maintain the lowest infection rate in the nation.

Almost exactly five months since millions of New Yorkers hunkered down in quarantine, the state marked a sort of milestone last week: Localities are revamping COVID-19 testing and influenza vaccine strategies as the state’s rate of new COVID-19 infections remained below 1 percent positive fo…

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo wagged his finger at President Donald Trump and the federal government Monday for not coming clean about their failed COVID-19 response and not telling the truth to the American people about the dramatic spread of the virus.