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The state plans to use thousands of public distribution sites across New York to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine to essential workers, the elderly and eventually the general public as officials expect immunization supply to increase in the coming months.

The group redrawing the state’s Senate, Assembly and congressional districts will at last receive $1 million lawmakers allocated for the work in previous state budgets, officials said, after potentially unconstitutional funding delays set the commission back several months in completing the …

In June, the hashtag -DCblackout erupted on Twitter. A series of tweets claimed authorities had blocked protesters from communicating on their smartphones in order to tamp down on unrest around police brutality and the killing of George Floyd.

For the first time in New York history, if not American history, doctors, nurses and health care providers could be stripped of their medical licenses and face fines of up to $1 million, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared in an executive order Monday, after a downstate provider faces criminal charge…

Political talks can open with a flurry of optimism, then enter a period of stolid routine and finally creep into a petrified forest of indecision or outright stonewalling.

Let’s review the last nine months. We’ve suffered through a deadly 100-year pandemic. Nearly 250,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. The national economy is close to ruin. Local economies are in tatters.

If the state lacks the proper funding and planning to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine to all New Yorkers, we’re still batting zero, despite the letter Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent Tuesday to federal leaders demanding they bolster preparations to properly immunize minority and low-income communities.

Many New Yorkers become shells of their happy selves during the winter months. They get smacked with Seasonal Affective Disorder which, because of a lack of sunlight, leads to an abundance of melatonin which creates depression, hopelessness, malaise and even suicidal thoughts.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo spent Thanksgiving morning laying out the framework of a plan for the state to prepare for the anticipated COVID-19 surge during the coming winter months. They may be bleak.

MINNEOLA, Fla. — President Donald Trump lost the election, but his bombastic brand of conservative populism lives on, leaving President-elect Joe Biden the momentous task of unifying a land divided over race, immigration, the COVID-19 pandemic and how we see ourselves.

Four days after Election Day, we have enough distance to look back on it with a fresh mind. We can say with certainty the voting system we worried about for months still works.

WASHINGTON — Americans turned out to vote in this year’s election as never before, and the result seemed only to deepen the trench dividing the two warring parties.