We’ve been losing out on the benefits of large-scale solar plants because of a sticky and arcane approval process. Now, under the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Law, signed by Governor Cuomo last year, a new process is to be put in place. READ MORE

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“There will be a hot time in the Old Town tonight.” For many years the Hills brothers and sisters operated the family tavern in Geneseo.

ORES is an acronym we should all know. It stands for the Office of Renewable Energy Siting, established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act signed by Governor Cuomo in 2019. It is designed to unlock the jobs, tax and investment benefits of large-scale renewable energy p…

I will add one thing for those of you who think it is acceptable to vote from home you are wrong. This is not a video game or shopping event. The only people who should be voting by absentee are those who truly cannot get to the polls. Those of you who fear that you my die; well deal with it…

New York’s COVID-19 infection rate is reducing in specific state microclusters, but continued to fluctuate with 3.2% positive in “red zone” areas Thursday — more than half of Wednesday’s rate of 6.61% in state hot spots, and up from 2.91% positive Tuesday.

In response to social unrest taking place across the country, countless corporations issued statements citing the need for change, whether in society or within their domain. Much of that was little more than marketing, playing to the masses to look good and gain favor.

“I brake for old graveyards” is a bumper sticker message from the Association of Graveyard Studies. Not only brake today but perhaps a fresh air hike through a social distance area, a cemetery. There are 11 just in the town of Geneseo.

I’ll keep this short. The people of our Congressional District have shown an ability to look beyond partisanship in the past and make decisions based on real wants and needs of the people and on the real abilities and principles of the candidates.

Environmental stewardship is critical to the success of New York’s family dairy farms, and on National Farmer’s Day we are thankful to our neighbors – both agricultural and residential, for always putting the sustainability of our natural resources first. Environmental stewardship means we a…

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This is the first year voters will be allowed to cast ballots early in a presidential election. It’s a welcome expansion of the democratic process, especially in an era of face coverings and social distancing.

Do you think that someone who works more than 40 hours per week in the same job deserves to be paid overtime? Do you think that the extra time they devote to their employer, and away from their friends and families, warrants a bit more money in their wallet, especially if this extra time is …

I would like to comment on the letter, “Jacobs Spreading Fear About Green Light Law” (Daily News, Oct. 15). This is the latest of many letters that William Fine has written attacking Republicans. The last time Chris Collins ran for congress, in a letter to this publication, Mr. Fine said the…

All you have to say is “broadband access” and the frustration is palpable. Our offices have been inundated with calls and messages from parents, business owners and community leaders who are tired of Albany’s promises to bring high-speed internet access to their communities.

The deadline is Oct. 17 for letters to the editor regarding the general election to be published in print editions of The Livingston County News.

Congressman Chris Jacobs is spreading lies and fear to gin up votes. Mr. Jacobs stated that he is worried that the Green Light Law might allow undocumented immigrants to vote, (Buffalo News 9/11/20). Driver’s licenses issued under the Green Light Law will have the words “NOT FOR FEDERAL PURP…

The best and brightest leaders of organizations such as small businesses, non-profits and local governments are those who can navigate the complexities of the world by understanding and preparing for unknowns.

It’s no secret that quality horses were (and are) part of Geneseo heritage from the early 19th Century. It’s Horse Country!

WASHINGTON – Vice President Mike Pence’s job Wednesday night was to seem reasonable and reassuring after days of uncertainty stoked by President Donald Trump, who shook voters with his own combative debate performance last week and then alarmed the nation with his positive test for coronavirus.

Local poet Beth Sleboda says to look “Beyond the Gray” to recognize that with time, some things can change.

Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his phased-in reopening plan for New York, the state went from worst to first in the nation in coronavirus infection rate. But, as COVID gets more defiant by spiking in various hot spots, the governor and his aides seem to be getting more petulant.

Over the course of this year, just as with the 2016 election cycle, it seems that the national press, pollsters, and pundits take too much delight in classifying certain sectors of our population as “non-college educated” or “uneducated.”

Reverdy Wadsworth claimed to be a man of few words unaccustomed to public speaking. His Geneseo presentation on Valley history and his family perhaps proved too short to fascinated listeners of 1959. Presented was his original outlook mixed with humor and insights.

As one citizen to others, I have had nearly four years to observe Donald Trump and have come to the conclusion that his supporters are correct about one thing: he says what he thinks.

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Nate McMurray is a breath of fresh air from Collins and clone-like Jacobs. Nate is young and more attuned to our younger generation and our future. He’s honest, open, and plain down-to-earth. He’s a good neighbor who will truly represent us.