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We need a new governor! Cuomo is the governor of the Empire State, not the emperor of New York State. We are not his “subjects” or “peons.” We are citizens with rights and freedoms granted to us by the U.S. Constitution! His edicts are not laws! Laws are made by the legislative, not governor…

I read on Google News that there is a “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” in Congress, a bill with bipartisan sponsorship that would allow states to cease the obnoxious practice of changing clocks twice a year. Finally, something sensible on Capitol Hill.

Anyone traveling on Volunteer Road near Route 20A in Geneseo has the joy of seeing all the trash blown into the fields on the east side of Walmart. If all this trash were blowing down Main Street in Geneseo you know something would be done about it.

This April, New York passed the legalization of mobile sports betting. Although leaders believe this will be a positive outcome for the state, potentially closing the budget deficit over time, increasing the availability of gambling options may cause problems for some. The Finger Lakes Probl…

Rural America is changing. As many of the workplaces are shifting away from the office and into the home, due to the pandemic, many Americans are looking to relocate away from busy cities to quiet countrysides.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the text of Livingston County Historian Ami Alden’s presentation to the Livingston County Board of Supervisors’ Feb. 23 meeting, which marked the county’s bicentennial.

Public Health, often labeled as the silent partner in the health care system, has been on the forefront for over a year. Everyone has heard the public health messages: wash hands, wear a mask, social distance, no group gatherings, contact tracing, case investigation, isolation, quarantine, C…

H.R. 1 recently passed the House of Representatives and is on its way to the Senate. It is a fantastic bill that expands voting rights and will do something that real people of all parties have been complaining about forever: get more people to vote and participate in our democratic system.

Last week, President Joe Biden announced his infrastructure plan or, more accurately, a gigantic $2 trillion spending plan masquerading as such — only 38% percent of it actually goes to infrastructure.