Perhaps not coronavirus, but it was a dangerous epidemic that returning War of 1812 veterans brought to our homefolks. Doty indicates some type of influenza brought death, then a mass grave near the entrance to Temple Hill Cemetery, circa. 1814. READ MORE

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How low can someone go by stealing a bronze veteran flag holder at Saint Mary Cemetery, Geneseo, N.Y.? The holder was taken from my father Vincent Farruggia's grave who was a World War II veteran.

Our nation is consumed with concerns over the coronavirus, as we should be. In relentless pursuit of its victims, it has crippled the nation’s economy, and now taken more lives than all those who died during the Vietnam War. Soon it will be 100,000. However, despite the horrific events of th…

Masks protect others, not the one wearing the mask. I have heard it argued that wearing a mask infringes on one’s rights. You do not have a right to infect others. People can be asymptotic and spread the virus unknowingly. Masks help prevent the spread of the disease.

Some nursing homes in the area are reeling from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. All nursing homes are now being asked to ramp up testing on their employees. All nursing homes are responsible for conducting twice-weekly COVID-19 testing on their workers beginning next week, according…

We all know that eventually the COVID-19 pandemic will end. The time has come to start showing appreciation and give thanks to those who have done so much to brighten the days and long nights for the 232 residents at the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. We are all so …

Back in 2016, I had the honor of being commencement speaker for my alma mater, Royalton-Hartland. My speech was mostly on point, celebrating our school and community and the great students that came from them.

Re-opening our state for business isn’t about numbers like stock prices and GDP figures, it’s about preserving communities and a way of life that people have worked to build for centuries.

Even as the state prepares for the complex task of restarting a virus-ridden economy, we are weighing the cost to keep nonessential businesses closed and the cost of human lives if reopening unfolds too quickly, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday.

Livonia poet Beth Sleboda has found a lot of inspiration living in this age of COVID-19. She’s produced a prolific number of pieces in recent weeks, and shares these short pieces about yearnings.

From afar, the COVID-19 pandemic is generating news of such terrifying magnitude that it is nearly too overwhelming to comprehend. Millions are suffering and thousands are dying. Economies are collapsing. The world seems out of control.

We want to take a moment in this unprecedented time to thank everyone. When I was elected as mayor, one of the first things I was thankful for was the commitment, professionalism and quality of the people that work for the village of Geneseo. That sense has been magnified a hundred fold duri…

The United States fumbled testing for the coronavirus, that much is clear. New York state is lagging behind in testing, but is making strides to catch up. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is putting great stock in social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.