Batavia 12-year-old sinks hole-in-one

Chris Metcalf/Daily News On just her second day golfing, Batavia Middle School sixth-grader Madelyn Rapone sank a hole-in-one on the 115-yard eighth hole at Meadowbrook Golf Course in Batavia.

BATAVIA — Golfers have spent their entire lives searching for that elusive hole-in-one.

Very few, if any, ever get to experience the feeling of writing a “1” down on the scorecard.

It took Madelyn Rapone exactly two days to accomplish that feat.

The Batavia Middle School sixth-grader was golfing with her dad, Patsy Rapone Jr., on the eighth hole at Meadowbrook Golf Course in Batavia Wednesday afternoon when it happened.

She sank the hole-in-one from 115 yards away.

“There were leagues there last night. She was going around with me on the golf course. We’re on the Par-3, 8th at 115 yards where they set up for the women. It’s 122 yards for the guys,” Rapone said Thursday.

The hole-in-one was witnessed by both her dad and also a neighbor living a few chips away from the eighth green.

“It was really cool,” the 12-year-old said. “I felt really good about myself. I’ve only been golfing two days but I go out and watch the leagues and it’s really fun.”

Madelyn said she plans on continuing to play golf and says her dad’s advice — “practice makes perfect” — is something she will remember and carry with her in the future.

Madelyn is just the fourth player at Meadowbrook Golf Course to ever record a hole-in-one.

“Now she got her picture taken and the plaque goes on the wall of the shop,” Patsy said.

“She did it with a dollar club out of the shop. You’ don’t need a $300 or $400 dollar club to get a hole-in-one. I think I was (more excited) than her. I think for Batavia that’s a big deal. I don’t know how many 12-year-olds have hit a hole-in-one. I haven’t googled it yet. I’m still in shock.”

Patsy said he lives near the golf course and Madelyn is always out there hitting golf balls.

“She goes out their with a club and golf balls and she hits them all night long. She was doing it for fun and got interested, started following the leagues around and got hooked. Now, it’s going to cost me money because I have to go and buy her clubs and all that,” he said, laughing.

Not involved in many youth sports besides golfing, Madelyn says she has caught the golf bug and will continue to play.

“I really love practicing and hitting golf balls,” Madelyn said. “I definitely plan to keep playing and practicing.”

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