In the next week, The Daily News will be selecting All-Decade teams/programs from the GLOW sports region including teams from the Genesee Region, Livingston Conference and Monroe County (Batavia).

In order to do this extremely difficult task, we asked for help from several expert coaches.

Today we start with cross-country programs, but will include only the GR and LCAA as they have competed in the same GR/LCAA merged league since 2011.

With plenty of help from Notre Dame multi-sport coach Eric Geitner, here’s the top-10 cross-country programs — both individual and merged in the region.


1. Livonia (173-7 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2010, 2014, and 2015).

2. Byron-Bergen (149-31 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2012 and 2013).

3. Attica (134-46 in dual meets).

4. Wayland-Cohocton (122-58 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013).

5. Dansville (114-66 in dual meets).

6. Geneseo (106-74 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2010 and 2011).

7. Oakfield-Alabama/Elba (98-82 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2011 and 2012).

8. Notre Dame (97-83 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2010 and 2012).

9. Keshequa (97-83 in dual meets, sectional title in 2013).

10. Wheatland-Chili (95-85 in dual meets).

Livonia has been the top girls program of the past decade, only losing seven league meets since 2011 and three sectional title to boot thanks in part to several key contributors including NYS champion Hayleigh Palotti, who graduated in 2018 and Clarissa Hensler, who graduated in 2017.

Byron Bergen has been a steady team throughout the past decade, while Attica has come on strong over the past five years. Way-Co was one of the top teams early in the decade, but has settled over the past five years, being incomplete in 2019.

Dansville has been another one of those steady teams through the decade, while Geneseo has been a bit better the last half of the decade. OA/E struggled in the middle of the decade to field a team, while Notre Dame has been incomplete the past two years, otherwise the Irish would be higher.

Keshequa had a good mid-decade run, while Wheatland-Chili has been a steady above average team in the decade.


1. Oakfield-Alabama/Elba (156-24 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2016, 2017, and 2018).

2. Wayland-Cohocton (140-40 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2011 and 2012).

3. Notre Dame (135-45 in dual meets, sectional titles in 2011, 2018, and 2019).

4. Dansville (132-48 in dual meets).

5. Bath-Haverling (127-53 in dual meets, sectional title in 2015).

6. Livonia (125-55 in dual meets, sectional title in 2013).

7. Wheatland-Chili (120-60 in dual meets, sectional title in 2013).

8. Alexander (117-63 in dual meets).

9. Avon (99-81 in dual meets).

10. LeRoy (98-82 in dual meets).

Oakfield-Alabama/Elba certainly has had a run in the late half of the decade, while always being a strong team throughout the decade. Way-Co edges out ND with a steady team throughout the decade, while Notre Dame slipped a bit in the middle of the decade for a couple of years.

Dansville, much like the girls program, always has a solid team every year in this past decade, while Bath-Haverling has had their share of ups and downs.

Livonia had one lean year, but usually is a solid team each year, and Wheatland-Chili enjoyed a good run early to the middle of the decade. Alexander, Avon, and Le Roy are three of those late hot teams, really racking up a lot of wins over the past four years.

Overall Program Super Six

1. Livonia (298-62, four sectional program titles, strong girls program and a well balanced boys program gives the Bulldogs a clear advantage in the GRAA/LCAA league over the past 10 years).

2. Wayland-Cohocton (262-98, and six sectional program titles, their girls were unbeatable early in the decade and the boys were strong in the middle of the decade. Without the girls team dwindling to incomplete, they could have given Livonia a run for the top spot).

3. Oakfield-Alabama/Elba (254-106, five sectional program titles, another team that struggled with numbers on the girls side in the middle of the decade, but have rebounded back nicely at the end of the decade).

4. Dansville (246-114 overall, the only team in the top five without a sectional title in the past decade, they have only three times where they had a losing record over the past 10 years so they get the consistent award).

5. Notre Dame (232-128 overall, five sectional program titles, the last two years for the girls cost the Irish a big slip in the rankings, the boys team was lean mid-decade, but has come back to the top, maybe the girls can make a move as the new decade approaches).

6. Wheatland-Chili (215-145 overall, one sectional program title, Wildcats are commonly overlooked and overshadowed by the big horses in the class and division including OA/E and ND, this is a program worthy of top in the GRAA/LCAA.

Honorable Mention: Bath-Haverling, Alexander, Avon, LeRoy, Byron-Bergen, Attica, Geneseo, Keshequa


Genesee Region Girls

Byron-Bergen: Kimmy Lovett (11,12,13), Sarah Donovan (11,12), Samantha Walker (12,13,14), Charlene Clay (12,13), Siomara Caballero (15,16,17,18,19), Emily Gonyea (15,16), Alaura Rehwaldt (17,18,19).

Attica: Lindsay Chamberlain (11,12), Grace Kibler (14,15,16,17), Maddie Folts (15,16,17,18,19), Annabelle Paresan (15,16,17), Margot Sovocool (18,19).

OA/Elba: Jenny Crossen (10,11,12), Paige Chatt (10,11,12), Kerry Mills (10,11,12), Morgan Munger (12,13,14,15), Fanny Venegas (18,19).

Notre Dame: Anna Warner (10,11,12,13,14), Laurie Call (12,13), Emily McCracken (12,13,14), Shelby McGinnis (12,13), Carly Olles (14,15,16,17), Margaret Sutherland (16,17).

Wheatland-Chili: Morgan Franklin (12,13).

Genesee Region Boys

OA/Elba: Connor George (10,11), Gabe Bender (10,11), Nate DiSalvo (13,14,15), Josh Larmon (13,14,15,16), Cole O’Donnell (15,16,17), Kyle Mott (16,17,18), Zach Hall (17,18,19), Derek McIntire (17,18,19).

Notre Dame: Jeffrey Antolos (10,11,12), Andrew Fischer (10,11), Arron Carlson (11,12), Dylan Fix (13,14), Austin Carrick (16,17,18,19), Tyler Fuller (17,18), Ben Skalny (17,18,19), Andrew Ricupito (18,19), Jordan Welker (18,19).

Wheatland-Chili: Alex Hogue (12,13,14,15), Kenny Eaton (12,13,14), Aaron Clark (13,14,15).

Alexander: Dylan Raffel (12,14 - ran with W-C in 2013), Bryce Davis (17,18,19), Ben Slenker (16,17), Adam Hess (18,19), MacNeil Ruston (18,19).

Comparing their sectional finishes through the decade, the Batavia boys team is right up in the thick of it.

The boys team ranks in the top five of the GRAA and LCAA teams each year of the past decade. They have been led through the years by such names as Colin Mulcahy, Ty Demmer, Eric DiLaura, Cal Jantzi, Kris Kuszlyk, Mario Rosales, and Nathan Canale.

The Batavia girls are more of a roller coaster, but their recent trend is inching closer to one of the better area programs, actually the top area team for 2019.

Big names from the girls include Alexis Kindig, Tiara Filbert, Emma Eastridge, Hannah Finkney, and Jadyn Boyce. They had a very young team in 2019, so look to them starting out the new decade near the top for the area teams.

The last bit of information put together was the top GRAA/LCAA individuals of the past decade and this was based solely on the GRAA/LCAA Championships, so there obviously can be some debate here, as coaches approach this meet differently.


1. Hayleigh Palotti — Livonia, Top rating of 141

2. Liz Valento — Pavilion, Top rating of 128

3. Meghan Curtin — Way-Co, Top rating of 124

4. Clarissa Hensler — Livonia, Top rating of 111 and rated above 100 for 4 years

5. Kelsey Hastings — Letchworth, Top rating of 111

6. Laurie Call — Notre Dame, Top rating of 111

7. Courtney Kacur — LeRoy, Top rating of 110

8. Alexa Wolcott — Pavilion, Top rating of far, has two years to go!

9. Amanda Booth — Way-Co, Top rating of 104

10. Anna Warner — Notre Dame, Top rating of 102 (twice)

11. Samantha Johnson — Letchworth, Top rating of 102

Honorable Mention: Cameron Perry -- Pembroke, Maddie Schwartz -- Way-Co, Lindsay Piraino -- Keshequa, Anna Phillips -- Avon, Mallory Rice -- Geneseo, Kerry Mills -- Oakfield-Alabama, Kimmy Lovett -- Byron-Bergen


1. Gabe Rodriguez — Geneseo, Top rating of 191

2. Jeffrey Antolos — Notre Dame, Top rating of 178

3. Everett Geiger — Cal-Mum, Top rating of 174

4. Alex Hogue — Wheatland-Chili, Top rating of 169

Our top four were competing at the same time, and we witnessed some of the fastest racing while these boys competed against each other. While Hogue was the youngest, he got to see these races unfold and led him to stellar junior and senior years.

5. Devon Rodriguez — Geneseo, Top rating of 166 (average of 164)

6. Mitch Cicero — Perry, Top rating of 167 (avg of 155)

7. Martin Beadle — Holley, Top rating of 162 — was consistent at the top of the league all four years of high school

8. David Smith — Holley, Top rating of 164 (average of 159)

9. Zach Hall — OA/Elba, Top rating of 161 and still going.

10. Tim McGowan — Dansville and Connor Hayward — LeRoy Top rating of 160

Honorable Mention: Derek McIntire -- OA/Elba, Austin Carrick -- Notre Dame, Kyle Mott -- OA/Elba, Maxin McKenzie -- LeRoy, Eric Wright -- Warsaw.

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