NUNDA – Richard Trayford, Tracy English and Jay Kazmarick are three guys who love good food and good friendships.

“The three of us actually met in this pub. We were regulars in this pub and felt that we could do a little bit more for the pub,” said Trayford.

So what they did was open the Whistling Farmer Pub at Woodlynn Hills Golf Course, 8780 North State St., in Nunda.

“Our mission is to keep it open year-round for lunch and dinner, while never forgetting our important clients,” said Trayford.

The restaurant will be open 7 days a week and will serve up signature dishes such as braised short-rib, smash burgers, and steaks with a la carte toppings, as well as beef on wreck spring rolls and oxtail soup. The menu also includes a stuffed pepper sandwich topped with garlic marinara and vegan cheese and locally-grown beer-battered asparagus for vegan and vegetarian patrons.

“We are here and what we saw is a lack of restaurants within a 25 mile radius. There was a lack of them period and also a lack of quality restaurants.

There is a comment that I have picked up here where someone said, ‘We won’t drive five miles to spend $15 on a good meal but we will happily drive 50 miles and spend $80 for a great meal’,” said Trayford.

What is also unique about the restaurant is that they will be working with local farmers to get their meat, offering a true farm to table restaurant. Knapp Farms of Dansville serves as one of the suppliers for signature dishes such as braised short-ribs.

“We don’t to alienate anyone with our pricing and we don’t want to offend anyone by being overly creative, but we want to serve great quality local produce to our community. We want to look after our local farming community as well as the second biggest area in our community which is the tourists,” said Trayford.

With it’s close proximity to Letchworth State Park the pub is hoping to offer food that will satisfy just about everyone’s taste buds.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for Nunda. It is not just for the community but also for the tourists and visitors that are coming to visit the park,” said Livingston County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Laura Lane.

The goal is to serve up quality food at an affordable price, which Trayford said they hope everyone will enjoy.

“Our public will be our locals and our visitors to the area. We want to make sure that if you come from Manhattan, Miami or Nunda itself, that the source of food will always be excellent. We are good for ourselves, our community and a great source of farm to table food,” said Trayford.

Whistling Farmer Pub also hopes to offer not only good food but fill a void in the community.

“I have worked in bars in the local area for the past 10 years and one of the things that I have always felt is that we deserve better,” said Kazmarick. “We deserved a nice restaurant where all of our friends and family can go and have a good time. We wanted a place where people could go and take their family out but also get some pub food.”

For local residents, the trio said, this is the place, and they could not be happier to see be a part of the community. The community has also welcomed Whistling Farmer.

“We area happy to have someplace local to eat in town. We don’t have very many local places to eat here,” said Nunda resident Lynn Kirwan.

In addition to serving up delicious food Whistling Farmer will also have such pub traditions as Wednesday wing night, Friday fish fry, and house made pastries and desserts.

“We want to serve great quality produce to our local community, which is after all a farming community,” Trayford said. “So we are almost doing farm to table, to farmer with our produce and that is really exciting.”

From signature dishes such as braised short-rib, smash burgers, and steaks with a la carte toppings as well as beef on weck spring rolls and oxtail soup are just a few dishes on the menu at the Whistling Farmer Pub in Nunda. The new restaurant had a ribbon cutting ceremony April 1 for its grand opening celebration.

The Whistling Farmer Pub at Woodlynn Hills Golf Course in Nunda had its grand opening celebration on April 1.

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