UPDATE: A listing on the American Meteor Society’s running fireball log may shed some light on a Livingston County man’s mysterious, nighttime sighting last week.

The log tracks meteor sighting by amateur astronomers, who can submit information about where and when they saw specific meteors.

One entry on the log appears to align with a green light Mark Ebersole observed in the night sky over Perry the night of Feb. 26.

The sighting, dubbed event number 1160-2021, had received 306 reports as of Monday afternoon. The apparent meteor was seen across portions of New York, Ohio, Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. Closer to home, people reported seeing the meteor in Lockport, Buffalo and East Aurora.

The entry shows the meteor traveled northwest across the sky and was visible from near the city of London, Ontario, before disappearing from view far out over Lake Huron.

Click here to view the meteor sighting’s listing on American Meteor Society’s website.

This video has been uploaded on the American Meteor Society Website. AMS Event: 1160-2021, Report (1160ki-2021) -Embro CA\nMore info here: AMS Event#1160-2021

Credit:Touchstone Farm


LEICESTER - Mark Ebersole isn’t sure what he saw.

It was Feb. 26, a few minutes after 10 p.m. and Ebersole was slowing his vehicle to a stop at the flashing red light at the intersection of routes 39 and 20A in the hamlet of Pine Tavern in the town of Leicester.

After pulling through the light and proceeding southwest along Route 39, Ebersole saw it.

“This thing came into view from the left upper corner of my windshield and was going straight towards Perry,” recalled Ebersole. “It was green, big, bright but I do not recall it lighting up the sky. Just a big green light heading to Perry.”

Ebersole was “kind of stunned.” He’d never seen such a thing before and immediately wondered what exactly he was looking at.

“I was almost waiting for something to come behind it or something. Missile? Secret government test? I watched it go below my horizon. I was almost expecting an explosion or something,” he said. “I sped up to see if I could see anything over the hills, but realized if it was a meteor it could just as well have been in California.”

The American Meteor Society’s running fireball log shows two meteor sightings around the time Ebersole said he saw the green light in the sky over Perry, but neither are in the area Ebersole said he saw it.

“I find it hard to believe that thing did not hit earth,” Ebersole said. “Somebody’s got to have that on their security camera.”

Ebersole’s asking anyone who does have a business or home security camera in the area that was facing west by southwest between 10:05 and 10:10 p.m. Feb. 26 to check their footage and contact him on Facebook if they find anything.

Click here to access Ebersole’s Facebook account.

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