Three new cases in Genesee and Orleans

This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (round magenta objects) emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. SARS-CoV-2, also known as 2019-nCoV, is the virus that causes COVID-19. The virus shown was isolated from a patient in the U.S. Credit: NIAID-RML

BATAVIA — A total of three new COVID-19 cases was reported Friday in Genesee and Orleans counties.

The news came as nine new recoveries were also reported in the three-county region.

Genesee has two new cases for a total of 194. Both were from Batavia, and one was in mandatory quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic. The new positive cases were in their 30s and 40s. None of the active cases are hospitalized.

To date, Genesee County has had 4,406 total negative cases; six in the community under mandatory isolation; 43 in the community under mandatory quarantine; five total deaths; and 132 community recoveries.

Orleans has one new case, for an overall total of 239. The new case is a person from Yates in their 30s, and wasn’t in mandatory quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic.

A total of 16 active cases are currently hospitalized.

To date, Orleans has had 2,688 negative cases, with 13 in the community under mandatory isolation; 44 in the community under mandatory quarantine; 41 total deaths; and 83 community recoveries.

Paul Pettit, director for Genesee and Orleans Counties Health Department, said at the very earliest, Phase 3 can start Friday, June 12. The final decision rests in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hands, but the data looks good.

For the fourth consecutive day, Wyoming County reported no new COVID-19 cases.

The county’s overall total remained stable Friday at 82. The number of recoveries increased by one to 75.

The county had two active cases.

Wyoming County’s current statistics include:

n A total of 28 cases have been confirmed in the northwest quadrant that includes Attica, Bennington, Orangeville and Sheldon. Two have been attributed to Attica Correctional Facility and all 28 have recovered.

n Twenty-four cases have been confirmed in the northeast quadrant that includes Warsaw, Perry, Middlebury and Covington. Nineteen of those have recovered and five have died.

n Fifteen cases have been confirmed in the southeast quadrant that includes Castile, Gainesville, Genesee Falls and Pike. All 15 have recovered.

n Fifteen cases have been confirmed in the southwest quadrant that includes Arcade, Eagle, Java and Wethersfield. Thirteen have recovered.

The corrected total of negative tests was 1,879 as of Thursday, with a more-current figure unavailable. Other statistics on Friday included two people in mandatory isolation, nine in mandatory quarantine, and none in precautionary quarantine.

The age breakdown included 17 people in their 20s; 15 people each in their 40s and 60s; 13 people in their 50s; eight people in their 70s; seven people in their 30s; three people in their 80s; two people less than 20 years old; and two people in their 90s.

Director Kelly Dryja of Wyoming County Community Services said in Friday’s update that people will experience a mix of emotions as the community recovers. Relief will be accompanied by anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, and feeling overwhelmed.

She described the feelings as “a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.” Just because things are reopening does not mean the coronavirus has gone away.

People need to try to stay in the present, Dryja said.

“Everyone will have a different level of risk tolerance for what they can resume as things open up and may have experienced different hardships from our own,” she said. “Try to focus on the good and commonalities among us to help be graceful towards co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends.”

Livingston County’s data tracking map shows no new cases and an additional recovery from Thursday. The totals include 119 total cases and 110 recoveries as of Friday.

The county has two active cases, in Avon and Geneseo, respectively.

More than 4,800 tests for COVID-19 have been conducted for Livingston County residents. The results of the 4,845 tests include 4,726 negative tests and 119 positive tests, representing an infection rate among those tested of 2.5 percent.

On May 5, the infection rate of those tested was 6.7 percent and has been trending down, even as testing in Livingston County has increased, according to data from the county department of health.

Livingston County has also begun tracking antibody testing on its COVID-19 website. There have been a total of 499 antibody tests, with 18 of those tests positive, a rate of 3.6 percent.

The antibody positives represent those individuals who have had an antibody test and were shown to have exposure to the virus, but did not end up getting symptoms of the virus, Livingston County Public Health Director Jennifer Rodriguez said.

A positive antibody test is not considered a positive COVID-19 test, and may instead be indicative of immunity to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

(Ben Beagle contributed to this story.)

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