GENESEO – A new RE/MAX Plus office will open it’s doors July 22 next to the Wedding and Tuxedo Shop at 2 East South St..

“Most the time when people are getting married they are looking for a house,” said Associate Real Estate Broker Anthony Scorsone.

The space that was once home to an old bus garage has been transformed into a modern office, with open spaces and a welcoming setting.

“What they can expect first is that they are dealing with us. A lot of times someone walks into see someone and the next thing you know is they are being pushed onto four different agents before they finally settle on one person,” said Scorsone.

For the past four years Scorsone has been working together with Licensed Real Estate Agent Kelly DeGroff. Together they have sold more than $21 million worth of properties and are ranked No. 20 in units by small teams in New York for 2020.

“Our job is not to tell them whether the Christmas tree looks good, it to tell them what is wrong with the house. It is going to be very hands on,” said Scorsone.

The agents not only have a passion for real estate, they also have a passion for the area. Scorsone grew up in Mount Morris and DeGroff is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo.

“She gets with her clients because she answers her phone, which is huge in our business. She answers her text messages and she answers her emails.

“What I have noticed is that she is doing what a lot of other agents have not been doing,” said Scorsone.

That includes working morning, noon, nights, weekends and even some holidays.

“We are not just going to tell someone to go to an open house and when you see something call us. We are going to go with them,” said Scorsone.

With low interest rates and it being a buyers market, they admit it has been a busy past few months.

“It has been crazy and there have been multiple offers, things have been going in a couple of days,” said DeGroff.

Even with the competitive market they say their goals when working with buyers is not to make a quick sale but to find them a house that they will love.

“The goal is not to make a quick sale and say see you later, it is more about having a relationship with the buyer and we want to keep that relationship with them,” said DeGroff.

That relationship, they said, includes doing what is best for the buyer.

“What differentiates it is us and how we are going to take care of the client, how we educate them, how we write the offer and empower them to be a well-informed buyer,” said DeGroff.

It’s a personalized service that they said continues long after the sale of the house.

“Last week I had three of my clients tag me on Facebook, text me, they painted the house and one of them did over the bathroom. So it is good way of them having pride in what they bought and to show me look what we did,” said DeGroff.

The grand opening celebration will take place Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the RE/MAX Plus services can call Scorsone at (585) 797-5815 or DeGroff at (585) 689-3081.

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