Heavy rain has caused two sewage discharges in the village of Perry, including one estimated at 12,000 gallons, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation at NY-Alert.

Both discharges affected the Silver Lake Outlet, according to NY Alert.

At 6:30 p.m., a partially treated effluent overflow from final clarifiers was reported in the area of 7572 Water Street Rd. In Perry, according to a notification from the Village of Perry Wastewater Treatment Plant issued through NY-Alert.

The reason for the discharge was cited as 2.6 inches of rain in 24 hours.

To contain the discharged, a relief valve was opened at the end of the final clarifiers, a partial unit bypass was opened to contain raw untreated sewage from overflowing, and primary trickling filter end gates were opened to relieve flow.

Operators did everything possible to keep all water inside tanks, according to the notification.

The discharge was partially treated without disinfection, the alert said.

An earlier discharge near 34 Main St. saw an estimated 600 gallons of untreated discharge come through a manhole. The incident occurred about 4 p.m. and had a duration of about 5 hours, according to the alert.

The amount of rain was also cited for the cause of the discharge.

The 2013 Sewage Pollution Right to Know requires untreated and partially treated sewage discharges to be reported by publicly owned treatment works and publicly owned sewer systems within two hours of discovery to DEC and within four hours of discovery to the public and adjoining municipalities.

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