New Nunda clerk looks forward to role

Provided PhotoWithin a year Kaytlyn Hall moved from Deputy Town Clerk to the Town Clerk position in Nunda. She is a lifelong resident of Nunda and says she hopes in her new role, that she will be an asset to the community.

NUNDA – For longtime Nunda resident Kaytlyn Hall the past year has been filled with many changes.

“I applied for the position of the deputy clerk and the current clerk was already planning on leaving, so the deputy clerk position was going to lead to a full-time position,” said Hall.

Former Nunda town clerk Cheyenne Demarco held the position for the past five years. Last year, she announced her resignation after deciding to return to school to pursue a master’s degree. That gave Hall a chance to take over the remainder of her term and get some hands on training. Hall took over as the town clerk for Nunda on Aug. 11.

“I like the idea that I was able to come in and get some hands-on experience before I went on my own as the town clerk,” said Hall.

As the town clerk Hall said no two days are ever the same and that is part of the reason why she said the job appeals to her.

“Right now we are in the middle of our hunting season so I do hunting licenses. I do town and county taxes. I also do birth certificates, death certificates and stuff like that. I like the job because there is always something different to do,” said Hall.

From the start of the year Hall says there is always something to do.

“From January to March we are pretty busy with taxes. Come August to Christmas time we are busy with hunting licensee and things like that,” said Hall.

For her it is not just a job but an important resource for local residents.

“It is someplace local for the hunters to have a place local to go. They can some right to town and they do not have to travel very far to get those services,” said Hall.

Hall also said as the new town clerk she does not plan to make any big changes during her time as town clerk.

“I feel like Cheyenne has a pretty good system here being here for the last 5 years. I really like the way that she runs the office and I plan on maintaining it throughout my time here,” said Hall.

Residents could be seeing more of Hall. Next year when the remainder of Demarco’s term is up Hall said she is already on running for re-election.

“I plan on staying in this position for as long as possible. I do have to run for election next year,” said Hall.

Helping to give residents the services they need and provide an important resource for the community appeals to Hall.

“I feel like our community is very active and close,” said Hall. “Everyone basically knows everyone and that is good. There are a lot of resources on knowing who is who.”

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