Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division receives reaccreditation

Livingston County Photograph Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty, third from left, accepts a plaque recognizing the reaccreditation of the Sheriff's Office Jail Division from New York State Sheriff's Association Executive Director Peter Kehoe, fourth from right.

GENESEO – The Jail Division of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has again received accreditation from the New York State Sheriff’s Association.

The Division was first accredited in the 1997 – becoming, along with the Police Services Division, the first of the Sheriff’s Office five divisions to receive accreditation. The Jail Division was since been reaccredited eight times.

“Accreditation is hard to first receive, but I firmly believe it is more difficult to keep receiving accreditation,” Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty said during the Sept. 23 Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

Peter Kehoe, executive director of the New York State Sheriff’s Association, presented Dougherty with a wood and bronze plaque recognizing the reaccreditation during the meeting.

The award was presented in the middle of National Sheriff’s Week, which was Sept. 20 to 26.

Kehoe told the Board of Supervisors that the reaccreditation was the result of hard work and dedication.

“It’s not something available just for asking,” said Kehoe, who noted that “your Sheriff’s Office is one of a small number that are accredited across all divisions.”

Those divisions include Police Services, Jail, Civil, Communications and Court divisions.

Of the Jail Division, Kehoe said its members were “the unsung heroes of the law enforcement community.”

“They must be mindful that some in the jail might actually be innocent. Some might be found guilty. But they are all entitled to safe, humane and respectful treatment,” he said.

Accreditation involves the review of a number of different – and detailed – components that set policy and procedural mandates for each division. Many of those components also have dozens of additional subcomponents required for accreditation.

“All of our members work day and night tirelessly to maintain the records required to make sure we are up to snuff and in compliance,” Dougherty said.

Reaccreditation takes place every three to five years, depending on the division. All five divisions of the Sheriff’s Office have been accredited since 2005 when the Court Division was first accredited and made the Sheriff’s Office fully accredited by the state Sheriffs’ Association.

Kehoe presented an achievement certificate to Jail Division Corporal Joshua Daly who he said worked exceptionally hard to help the division earn reaccreditation.

Kehoe also presented posthumously an achievement certificate to the late Sgt. Kerry Ann Wood, who was instrumental in the merger of accreditation files and documents into a new software system in the Jail Division. Accepting the certificate on behalf of Wood was her brother Sgt. Michael Malone, also a member of the Jail Division.

Dougherty thanked the state Sheriff’s Association and the elected Sheriffs statewide for their continued support “to maintain the program and hold Sheriff’s at a higher level.”

Dougherty said that the standards and professionalism shown by members of all Sheriff’s Offices statewide is vitally important and their hard work bolsters the public’s trust and confidence in the Office of the Sheriff.

“More than anything, I think our Sheriff’s Office is living proof that building trust results in a high level of trust from the community,” Dougherty said.

He also thanked all residents of Livingston County for their great partnership and support and went on to thank the members of the Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and tireless work to be the best. He also thanked the Board of Supervisors and County Administrator for their partnership and continued financial and moral support.

Dougherty concluded his remarks personally thanking Chief Deputy Yasso, Chief Deputy Hammond, Captain Galvin, Sergeant Wood, Corporal Daly and for their service to the Jail Division and their diligence in earning reaccreditation.

The Sheriffs’ Association oversees the accreditation process for Sheriff’s Offices statewide. The goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement, promote increased cooperation among agencies, ensure appropriate training of personnel and promote public confidence in law enforcement agencies.

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