County auctions off foreclosed properties

GENESEO - Livingston County recently auctioned off 27 properties for failure to pay property taxes.

“The county does this every year and the timing of this special meeting is due to various delays and COVID-19 related regulatory relief that was provided the taxpayers to make payments beyond what otherwise the deadline would have been,” said Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle, who counts the auction as one of his least favorite jobs. “Then the county then had to convey these properties, which means that they are owned by individual owners and they lost ownership by failing to pay their property taxes. It is probably the action item/process/effort that I like least or dislike the most, as far as county government goes.”

At the Oct. 28 auction, the bids ranged from $0 up to $84,000. The sales were approved Tuesday, Nov. 2, at a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

“This is a difficult process for the county to employ but we almost have to employ it and do this process but it is a very challenging one, none the less,” said Coyle. “You are talking about people’s livelihood, their homes, equity in the homes and it is not a process that we like but we have to employ it.”

Properties enter the foreclosure auction if the landowner has failed to pay their property tax bill over a period of two years.

“We do follow the state law, as far as the foreclosure process goes but at the end of the day people are losing properties, land or homes and you do not like that to happen,” Coyle said.

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