Residents in the village of Lima gathered on a brisk Saturday morning to share their love of the environment and the community by giving away trees for Arbor Day.

Deputy Mayor John Wadach spent time potting five varieties of trees to give away to members of the community.

“One of my great loves, is trees. My wife says no more trees in our yard, and since I can’t really plant any more trees in my yard now, I can give them to other people,” said Wadach with a chuckle.

More than a hundred potted trees, from red oaks, tupelo, white pine, Norway spruce, and flowering dogwood, were available to be chosen at the April 30 event.

Any trees that weren’t selected at the event were to be planted on the outskirts of the Mark Tubbs Memorial Park, where the event took place.

Mayor John Skiptunas read off an official proclamation that is planned to be posted in the park proclaiming that April 30 is Arbor Day in the village of Lima.

“Bringing the community together and replanting the harvested trees creates a more stable ecosystem. As much as we’re using wood products for paper and firewood, this is just a way to put it back into the community,” said Skiptunas. “Just to regenerate what we put in and what we harvest and create a tradition where the community can come together once a year.”

Skiptunas touched on how much the community involvement has grown over the years and how he is always looking to interact with residents and better the community with them.

“I am just another resident that’s concerned about the village’s future. I just happen to have a different title, that’s all,” said Skiptunas.

Lima residents Ed and Mary Blazey were among residents that came out to pick a tree and chat with their neighbors on Arbor Day. The Blazeys have 40 acres of land and were pleased to have the opportunity to plant more trees. They took home two Norway spruce and one Tupelo.

Wadach and Skiptunas said that they hope the Arbor Day event can continue into the future.

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