Infamous killer sentenced for Attica attack


WARSAW — An infamous convicted murderer who slashed his wife to death in a New York City salon and was known as the “crazy-eyed ex-con” was sentenced to a 15-year to life term for trying to kill an inmate at Attica Correctional Facility.

Michael Kenny, 52, was sentenced Thursday in Wyoming County Court by Judge Michael Mohun.

Kenny pleaded guilty to attempted murder in December and admitted trying to stab another inmate to death during an altercation at Attica in September 2019.

The sentencing is meaningless as it is to run concurrent to a 25-year to life term Kenny is serving for the vicious slaying of his wife.

The murder happened in March 2011 in a beauty salon in Manhattan where Denise Kenny worked.

Kenny entered the salon and his wife gave him a haircut and a shave and then rejected his attempts at reconciliation.

According to news accounts, Kenny begged her to take him back. He left the salon but returned hours later and the two went into an upstairs bathroom to talk.

That’s where Kenny used a six-inch knife to hack his wife to death. Police said the attack was so vicious that the knife broke into three pieces.

Kenny ran from the bathroom, tracking blood throughout the salon and stealing $800 from the register.

He fled the state but was caught the next day in Maryland.

A jury convicted Kenny in 2013.

New York media dubbed Kenny “the crazy-eyed ex-con” and called him drug-addled.

He had an extensive history of domestic violence, including being arrested in the 1990s for attempting to murder his first wife.

He is now serving his life term at Coxsackie Correctional Facility.

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