MOUNT MORRIS – Hands could be seen waving to students across Mount Morris on Tuesday as the community came out to celebrate and honor the class of 2020, with a car parade.

“I think it is pretty awesome. We are getting to show off what we have done all year,” said senior Danielle Callaro.

Along with members of the Mount Morris Police Department, Mount Morris Ambulance and Mount Morris Fire Department, the students drove through the village on June 16, what would have been their last day of in-school learning this year. The school was closed to in-classroom learning on March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today we are honoring our seniors with a last day of school senior parade. We are going to head down Main Street and around the town just to show them off and wish them well,” said school counselor Alli Atwell.

With balloons and decorated cars the students showed off their school spirit. Some of the students were sitting in the front seats, while others opened the sunroofs and stood up for everyone in Mount Morris to see them.

“I think that is really nice. It is nice that they get to do this for us, seeing that we did not get to finish our senior year,” said senior Alexis Mock.

At the Mount Morris Central School District, 35 seniors made up the class of 2020. For many, the car parade was a happy celebration as they looked back on what was a tough last year of high school for some.

“I think it is pretty cool that our community is coming together and doing something for the seniors that kind of got cut short on our senior graduation,” said senior Marcos Lasalle.

For some, it is one final send off before graduation day on June 28.

“I think it is huge to do this especially with everything going on, that we take the extra time to honor the seniors as they have lost out on a lot of their senior year. I think it is great for them to come together one last time as a class before graduation,” said Atwell.

Along the parade route there were friends, family and neighbors cheering the students on. Mount Morris resident Rebecca Stroud was among those who came out to support the students. Her niece is one of the students who will be graduating.

“I am very proud of all of them. It is also very sad just watching them get a parade like this, but it is important to come out and show support,” said Stroud.

Showing pride and helping the students make the most on what some are saying has been a difficult year was important to both the students and community members.

“There is not much that we can do, so we just have to play the positive part and overlook the negatives,” said senior Alyssa Cornelius.

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