ALBANY — Applications are underway for a program to fix “High Hazard” dams.

A total of $650,000 in grant funding is available to help eligible dam owners make repairs. The funding will assist with technical, planning, design, and other pre-construction activities associated with the rehabilitation of eligible High Hazard dams.

New York State’s High Hazard dam classification refers to the potential for damage upon a dam’s failure, and not its likelihood of failure. A High Hazard — or Class C — dam is classified when failure may result in widespread or serious damage to homes, main highways, industrial or commercial buildings, railroads, and/or important utilities, such that the loss of human life or widespread substantial economic loss is likely.

A total 425 dams statewide are classified as High Hazard.

Local governmental entities and municipalities, including but not limited to counties, cities, towns, and villages, and not-for-profit corporations with dam projects in New York state are eligible to apply.

Projects must be in a county with an approved hazard mitigation plan. A total of $650,000 in grants is available, with awards up to $100,000 per project.

The deadline for applications is June 11. Requests for Applications are available online through the NYS Grants Gateway. For more information about Grants Gateway, please visit the Grants Management website or contact the Grants Gateway Team at

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