GCS voters to decide on $15.55m project

Geneseo Central School District’s “Field of Dreams,” a multi-use synthetic turf field, moved closer to reality Tuesday after district residents approved a $15.55 million capital improvement project.

The project, which also includes a new STEAM classroom, auditorium upgrades, and other renovations on the Avon-Geneseo Road campus, was approved by a vote of 297 in favor and 187 against.

A second proposition, a $1.5 million energy efficiency capital project, was also approved by a vote of 365 in favor and 116 against. The project will fund building improvements with savings based on improved building efficiencies.

“We are extremely happy with our results,” said District Superintendent Cindy Flowers.

A total of 482 votes were cast.

The next step in the project timetable will include design plans for the capital project will then be presented to the state Department of Education for review and approval. Bidding for the project is expected by late 2021 or early 2022, with construction beginning in spring 2022. Construction would take more than a year, with the project completed in fall 2023.

Proposition one has three focus areas - athletics, fine arts, and STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

The work for performing arts will include improving the lighting in the auditorium, along with safety upgrades, a better exiting plan, and renovated scene shop and storage. Also included will be renovations to the band and chorus rooms.

For STEAM, renovations are planned to the high school tech area. A new high school STEAM classroom will be created in an addition for use by all Middle School and High School students.

For athletics, a turf field on the “Field of Dreams” is planned, along with a new scoreboard and additional bleacher. Work also includes a gymnasium addition for a new modified gym.

In addition to this work, several other enhancements are planned, including but not limited to: cafeteria renovation, elevator upgrades, fitness and team room upgrades, along with extensive infrastructure improvements, including an additional 100 parking spaces at the rear of the building.

State building aid would cover an estimated 49 percent of the project’s cost. Additional funding for the project includes $1,549,428 from the district’s capital reserve fund.

The project would have a proposed tax levy increase of $242,000, or 2.1 percent, according to project documents on the district’s website.

The impact on the tax levy would be an additional $51 per year on a home assessed at $150,000.

The second proposition approved an energy performance contract with Day Automation Systems Inc. for energy conservation improvements designed to increase efficiency and save money. The contract calls for:

n upgrading indoor and outdoor lighting to LED systems to improve efficiency, light quality and light control.

n Reducing infiltration into the building through caulking, insulation, exhaust fans control, weather stripping, and doors and windows.

n Upgrading the building’s temperature control system for more effective control of temperature and energy usage.

n Mechanical and electrical equipment upgrades to replace older, less energy efficient equipment in the buildings.

The project will be self-funded from energy savings and was not subject to voter approval. However, by voters approving the proposition, state aid for the project will increase by 10 percent and the district will also qualify for an estimated $100,000 in incentives from local utility companies.

The energy performance contract will have no effect on taxes, the district said.

The district has been working with SEI Design for the architectural plans and Campus Construction for the project management.

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