Food distribution helps feed Nunda community

NUNDA– Community and church leaders are coming out in Nunda to help feed those in need.

“It is for people in Nunda, but there are people from other communities that come and we do not turn anyone away,” said organizer Jackie Morgan.

With the help of grant funding the Village of Nunda along with the Trinity Church were able to purchase food from Foodlink to give out to families.

“Anyone can come and get some free food,” said Morgan.

At the Kiwanis Park people of all ages came out to get the free food during a distribution event on Dec. 30, 2020. Another distribution event is scheduled for Jan. 15.

“We are giving out a box of dairy, a box of protein, a box of produce and a box of non perishable foods. Each family will get all four boxes,” said Morgan.

The efforts helps to not only feed the stomachs of those in need but helps to fill the hearts of those who are behind the boxes.

“I feel great about it. Ever since we started doing this in March, the whole purpose has been to help people in need,” said Morgan.

No registration is needed and organizers said, while the purpose is to help residents in Nunda, residents from all over are welcome to attend.

“People are very grateful and they thank us and sometimes they even bless us, too,” said Morgan.

From a safe distance the boxes are handed out to families, one by one until all of the food is gone. Community leaders are helping to feed residents at a time when many said they need it the most.

“We have had no one being negative, it has all been very positive,” said Morgan.

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