Democrat signs disappear in Wyoming

Mark Gutman/Daily NewsWhile you can still see Biden for president signs elsewhere, Biden signs in Wyoming County have been stolen from nearly every town.

WARSAW — Hank Bush is frustrated.

Wyoming County’s Democrat elections commissioner has been struggling all summer to keep up after more than 400 campaign signs have been stolen from towns throughout the county.

“I keep thinking they will turn up in a ditch or field somewhere,” Bush said after the latest round of thefts.

Sometime overnight Tuesday thieves took numerous signs from St. Mary’s Court in Silver Springs and have hit surrounding towns just as hard.

“I just went and got 250 more signs in Buffalo,” Bush said. “I’m afraid to put them out. It’s frustrating.”

Sign theft has always been a problem, usually a local one when political races become contentious.

As 2020 is the year of contention, the theft of campaign signs was inevitable.

Wyoming has been the hardest hit county in the region.

Genesee and Orleans county elections commissioners said they have received few complaints.

Bush said the hardest hit areas appear to be in Silver Springs, Gainesville and parts of surrounding town. Some residents have actually witnessed the thefts but were unable to get any descriptions.

Most of the signs stolen were Biden campaign signs. He said Blacks Lives Matter signs also have been stolen.

“They cleared out every sign in three towns pretty much,” he said.

The Democrat Party hands out signs for free and usually gets from them from the state party for a donation.

Many people buy the signs themselves. Bush said signs cost about $35 each.

Anyone with information about stolen signs can contact Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department at 786-8989.

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