DANSVILLE - In honor of the 100th birthday of the American Legion Auxiliary, a time capsule has been put in the ground in front of the Daniel Goho Legion Post 87 in Dansville.

“Back in 2019 I went to a convention and it was the 100 year celebration of the auxiliary and the idea was to do something for the 100th and I thought of a time capsule,” said Auxiliary President Luanna Gilbert.

Using a military ammo box that she got from her husband, Gilbert started collecting items to put in the capsule. In all, she says there are nearly two dozen things in the box.

“We have pictures in there, I have a scrap book, I found some old articles, there is an auxiliary hat, there is a hat, bunch of pins and I have list of like 22 items that are in there,” said Gilbert.

Also in the box, she says, is a letter she wrote and a mask. The time capsule is buried under the flagpole outside the legion post. To remind people that it is there a large engraved stone has been placed on top of the soil.

“Our department president of New York - her motto was ‘Preserve the past, focus on the future,’” said Gilbert.

In 25 years on June 14, 2045 the box will be opened. Gilbert says there are no plans to add additional things to the box but instead just to look through it and see how things have changed or stayed the same 25 years from now.

“We are going to open it in 25 years and hopefully I will still be around,” said Gilbert. “I will be 87.

I might still be the auxiliary president at the way that things are going.”

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