AVON – Serving up odd food combinations on April 1 at Tom Wahl’s has become as traditional of April Fools’ jokes. This year was no different.

Employees at Tom Wahl’s, 283 East Main St., Avon, said they were having fun serving up this year’s flavor, one that feature chunks of tomato chopped up into vanilla ice cream.

“A lot of people can not wait to come in here and try what we have,” said General Manager Julie Verschage.

The flavors of ice cream have included just about anything that anyone could imagine. Past flavors have included ice cream flavored with garlic, spinach and bits of burger.

“All different kinds of flavors,” said Verschage.

As for this year’s tomato ice cream?

“It is not that bad, you bite into the tomato and say to yourself this does not belong here but it really is not that bad,” said Verschage.

Last year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Wahl’s was unable to offer an April Fools’ Day flavor. Verschage said it was the first time in more than 20 years that the restaurant chain did not do it.

Verschage said all of the Tom Wahl’s restaurant across the region are serving up the tomato flavored ice cream to customers.

The odd recipes weren’t limited to Tom Wahl’s.

Yummies Ice Cream in Warsaw gave out free dill pickle-flavored cones on Thursday. But special Easter flavors were likely more popular — a sponge candy cone using Oliver’s sponge candies, along with “Peep-a-boo,” using a marshmallow flavored base with the popular peeps candy throughout.

Both of the latter were set to be available until they run out, which is often a pretty quick process.

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