GENESEO - The sirens could be heard around the block as members of the village’s fire and police departments put on a parade, aimed at boosting the spirts of local residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are just trying to do a little uplifting for members of the village here,” said Steve Zabrocki, first assistant fire chief.

The May 21 parade started and ended at the fire hall at 133 Center St. and was led by a police department patrol car. Alongside some new and old fire truck pumpers, the parade traveled down the streets of Geneseo giving people a chance to not only hear the sirens from the first responders, but to see the vehicles close up.

“It is just to help give back to the community and let them know that we are still here,” said Kristofor O’Rourke, an officer with the police department.

From nearly every stretch of the route people were waiting to see the parade pass them by.

“It was really uplifting to see everyone get together and safety of course with masks. They just looked really happy and hopeful of what is to come it was reassuring definitely,” said Rebecca Martin, a Geneseo resident.

People from Geneseo and beyond came out to see the parade. Bill Rude traveled from Rush to see the first responders and thank them for all they do.

“We appreciate our firemen, our police officers, our military people or anything like that,” he said. “They are great guys and girls and if we did not have them where would we be?”

For others, being outside and seeing something different was enough of a reason to come out.

“We loved it,” said Ashley DePutro of Livonia. “It got us out of the house today.”

In addition to boosting the spirits of residents members of the fire department are also hoping the parade will be a morale booster for those first responders who are fighting on the front lines.

“We are going to be practicing our social distancing, everyone is going to be masked. I think it is uplifting for all the members of the fire department too, very much,” said Zabrocki.

The parade lasted about an hour, but organizers are hoping residents will remember it long after the night is over.

“It is just to create awareness that we are still around here at the fire department,” said Zabrocki. “We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

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