Showing Aurora the lights

Fire trucks will make their way down Burke Hill Road in Perry Thursday night to bring a smile to Aurora Putney’s face.

PERRY — Aurora Putney loves fire trucks and their flashing lights, and she’ll get to see them again Thursday.

With doctors telling the 3-year-old’s family that there was not much more they could do for Aurora, who has Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm Leukemia — a disease which affects multiple organs, including the lymph nodes and the skin — her family has been doing things for her to make her happy.

That’s how her uncle, Kyle Duschen, came up with the idea for fire trucks to drive past Aurora’s and her family’s home on Burke Hill Road. His plan is to have the procession start at 7 p.m.

“We’re leaving from Rob’s Glass on Route 20A in Warsaw, we’re traveling from there to Cole Road and then to Burke Hill Road,” Duschen said. “It’s going to be about 10, 15 minutes, probably.

“She loves the lights, she loves to see the fire trucks in person.”

Kyle Duschen, active with the Pike Volunteer Fire Department for 16 years, said he started planning for this on Sunday. He posted a message on his Facebook page telling his fellow firefighters how his niece loves fire trucks and lights and asking them to join in Thursday’s event.

“I’ve actually contacted four different counties — Wyoming, Livingston, Allegany and Steuben,” he said Tuesday. “Right now, I’m at about 23 fire apparatus. Brockport might be sending one also, I haven’t gotten a definite from them yet.

*I’ve had great responses from departments. They were all willing to do it,” he said. “This (Aurora’s situation) hit a lot of people hard. A lot of people in this small Wyoming County know each other. It took right off once I posted it on Sunday. Social media helps a lot with getting the word out. I didn’t have to make a lot of phone calls.”

Duschen said Aurora’s parents, Kyle and Crystal Putney, learned about a week ago from doctors that Aurora had about a few weeks left.

“It’s (leukemia) gotten pretty aggressive, so there’s not much more they can do besides letting her be happy with her family. She’s been in an out of Golisano (Children’s Hospital) for probably the past two years,” Duschen said. “We’re trying to do as much as we can for her while we can, while we have the opportunity — trips to the zoo and we’ve been having family picnics on the weekends also.”

Kyle Duschen said his niece has gotten a lot of support from people. His Facebook post from Sunday had been shared 114 times and had 26 reactions and 12 comments as of around 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“It’s hard to tell people what they can do, this being the situation she’s in,” he said.

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