The Old Hippies, Kay and Bill McDonald will hit the road again for tonight's "Home to Home" concert.

They are going back to the farm at Dublin Corners Farm Brewery in Linwood for a live stream concert beginning about 6 p.m.

This is the 25th Saturday evening concert in the duo's "Home to Home" concert series.

The performance will be livestreamed on Bill McDonald's Facebook page. Here's a link to tonight's concert.

"Show the love, spread a little good ju-ju and greegree," Bill McDonald said in an email Saturday morning. "It's rather hard to believe summer's end is here in these parts and there's a fall feeling in the air."

Those who wish to attend in person may remain in their vehicle or sit alongside it and listen to an FM transmission through their radio.

"The event will have plenty of parking, sitting room (if you choose, please bring your chair) and eats from food trucks available to purchase," McDonald wrote.

Bill and Kay, who perform as The Old Hippies, have been presenting a series of Saturday night performances since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concerts began from the living room of their Florida home and later included a handful of outings streamed from Florida-area venues.

The duo has been playing Saturday nights from their home in Batavia since returning to the area in early July, with a handful of locations presented live on location.

The full title of the concert series is called "Be Kind to One Another Home to Home Concert Series."

"Our purpose has been and will continue to bring some music, peace, love, entertainment and good vibes through our music from our home/location to yours/location," Bill McDonald said.

Singing, dancing and playing along at home is encouraged.

The performances are designed to connect folks who are unable to go out to concerts and other arts programs due to closures and limits on large gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bill and Kay said they just wanted to invite people into their home and play some music, which is where the idea for the “Home to Home” concert series came from.

The livestreams happen on Bill McDonald’s Facebook page (Bill.McDonald.188). The Daily News and The Livingston County News have been sharing the livestream on their Facebook pages.

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