Livingston County 4-H Photograph Livingston County 4-H members were able to take a journey to Mars, the red planet, in a special activity created by other 4-H members.

Six Livingston County 4-H members recently offered younger participants a unique opportunity to learn about the planet Mars.

Ten 4-H members participated in the program where they explored the general process of launching and landing on Mars, exploring the surface, using a rover for research, and growing food.

Last year, 4-H member Audrey de Wit applied for and was selected to participate in a statewide Mars program. Audrey enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to gather a group of fellow Livingston County 4-Hers to help share her knowledge with others.

New York State 4-H often offers leadership opportunities for youth in which they have a chance to learn a program and share it back with local members. “I love supporting this kind of leadership development,” said 4-H Educator Renee Hopkins. “4-H promotes a learn by doing model… Audrey not only got the chance to learn the content of the program, but also got to learn leadership by being a leader of our local team.”

Locally, the leadership team included Audrey de With, Rian de Wit, Lucy Sexton, Howie Sexton, Emily Vattimo, and Izaya Tanksley.

“My five teammates and I had an amazing time putting the activity night in motion, and hopefully the participants had just as much fun as we did,” said Audrey de Wit.

The group said it is looking forward to holding similar events in the future.

For more information about the Livingston County 4-H Program, contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Livingston County at (585) 991-5420 or (585) 335-1752. Families can enroll in the 2020-2021 4-H Program through June 1.

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