LEICESTER – In Leicester at the Celebrate! Family Church free food will be given out to those in need during the month of October.

“We were just asked to be a distribution center for these truck loads of food, so we said sure we can do that,” said Administrative Director Deby Scott.

Food will be distributed in 20 pound boxes every Wednesday starting Oct. 9. The boxes are being donated to the church thanks to a program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Scott, who is also the pastor’s wife, said the distribution will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“At noontime we will start distributing the food .. at 74 Mount Morris Road in Leicester,” said Scott.

Before being given out Scott says a team of volunteers will be on hand to unpack the food from the truck. In a coordinated effort she said some of the helpers will he taking the food off the trucks while others pack it up in the boxes. About 2,000 boxes of food will be given out each week, with one box of food being given to each family.

“This time we were asked to do this because of our location and the fact that we have been successful in doing it before. This is going to be 10 times more food that will be given out from before. We just want to be a resource,” said Scott.

Anyone of any age and background is also welcome to come and get a box of food. Scott said people don’t have to be from Leicester either.

“Anyone in our surrounding area can come. Geneseo, York, Mount Morris and all the way down to Dalton. Anyone in any of the surrounding communities that would like a free box of food is welcome to come. It is one box per family,” said Scott.

What is in the boxes is not known yet, but Scott said she is confident people will enjoy what is inside it, when they get a box of food.

“We do not know what will be in the boxes and it could be different each week. We do know that there is dairy and sometimes there could be meat. We will not know until we get the first one,” said Scott.

To help direct traffic Scott said the Sheriff’s Office will be on hand to help make sure that no backups happen.

For Scott, it is not just another food giveaway but a mission that she takes very seriously.

“We are blessed. We are supposed to be helping our brothers and sister and it is something that we take very seriously. If we can help in any way at all then that is something that we want to do,” said Scott.

With one box at a time she said they are hoping to not only help a family in need but to also help spread God’s love.

“There is no shame in saying, ‘Hey, I could use a helping hand.’ We always give out the food with a smile and a big, ‘God Bless You,’ ” said Scott.

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