Perry Chalk Art Festival lists winners

Perry Chalk Art Festival Photograph Artist Mike Thompson of Buffalo works on the theme “The Twenties” during the 2020 Perry Chalk Art Festival.

Four individual chalk artists from Livingston County and a school art club were among those awarded prizes at the Perry Chalk Art Festival.

Courtney Rhodes, 17, of Livonia was participating for the first time. She received a Youth Artist Award for best use of color.

“I really like chalk drawing,” Courtney said. “I tried it over quarantine and realized I was really good at it, so I decided to do it this year ... I found it weird that octopi have three hearts and this year is ‘Stranger than Fiction,’ so I wanted to incorporate that theme.”

The following awards were presented at the Perry Chalk Art Festival on July 10:

Selected by a jury.

First: Tee Jay Dill, Rochester.

Second: Julia Williamson, Cheektowaga.

Third: Chris Fisher, Buffalo.

Blick Art Materials Artist Award: Tim Humberstone, Perry.

Selected by a jury.

Best Use of Theme: Gina Micaroni, Brewerton.

Best Use of Color: Tatyana Samodurov, Fairport.

Artwork that was Stranger than Fiction: Mike Thompson, Buffalo.

Outstanding Fantasy Illustration: Haley Cavarello, Boston, N.Y.

Most Whimsical: Lorie Ames and Kelsey Ames, Perry; Kayleigh Wheeler, Rochester and Melissa Holly, Castile.

Selected by festival attendees.

First: Haley Cavarello, Boston, N.Y.

Second: Tatyana Samodurov, Fairport.

Third : Tim Humberstone, Perry.

Selected by a jury. Judges chose not to use a first, second or third place structure this year

Most Captivating: Eva Gamarnyk, Penfield, included a cash prize.

Best in Realistic Interpretation: Luke Lawton, Livonia.

Best Composition and Artistry: Zsa Zsa Fisher, Buffalo.

Best Interpretation: Timothy Dillon, Perry.

Best in Elements of Art: Jocelyn Brick, Nunda.

Best Use of Color: Courtney Rhodes, Livonia.

Selected by festival attendees.

First: Jocelyn Brick, Nunda.

Second: Luke Lawton, Livonia.

Third: Karly Lawton, Livonia.

Art Club Piece:Keshequa Art Club

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