VARYSBURG — An idea that James White Jr. and Steve White came up with after the COVID-19 pandemic began will culminate in an art show Aug. 8 at James White’s Creek Road residence.

Those who want to see what the Whites, along with their mother, Patricia York, have to display are invited to James’ home, 2314 Creek Rd., next to the Village Park, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“It’s going to be an outside event in my backyard in an art gallery,” James White said. “It’s going to be me, my brother, even my mother, who has some jewelry. She comes up from Florida. There’s two generations — my brother, myself and my mother will have pieces at this art show. We’re just trying to let people know. I thought we would bring a little culture to the country.”

James White estimated that, even with social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet between people, 100 people would be able to safely be in his backyard.

“I plan on putting up signs for directions, one in Attica, one on (Route) 20A. I’ll be mailing out invitations to people, try to notify and try to do my due diligence,” he said. “We will have the hand sanitizer out there. We will have some masks there. It’s open-air environment. That will put people’s minds at ease, It wouldn’t be a confined area so people might feel more comfortable congregating. I believe. It’s also something to do to entice people on a Saturday,“

As artists, James White said, he and Steve both work in a variety of media. James said one section of the show will include photographs, another display sculptures and another paintings.

“I have sculptures, I have acrylic paintings,” he said. “My background is in graphic design. I’ll be showing black-and-white photographs. Every item will be for sale. It’s not just for display purposes.”

Steve White, who lives in Avon, welds art pieces, his brother said.

“He also has a cutting torch. Most of his stuff is in metal or found objects. Sometimes he’ll take a piece of steel and make a character out of it,” James White said. “I don’t know if you can put a certain style on his art. He has showed some pieces up in Rochester. I was an artist in Tucson (Ariz.) and showed pieces out there.”

James White said he was associated with the Arts Council for Wyoming County’s Board of Directors for six years. He said he and Steve came up with the idea of having an art show after the pandemic started. At the time, both were unemployed, James said.

“We took a positive approach,” James White said. “ ... I brought up the idea to my brother, ‘Let’s do an art show, let’s do it outside.’ ”

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