In this image from video, members of the Genesee Valley Children's Choir are seen performing "As the Rain Hides in the Stars," one of the pieces to be presented as part of the choir's "Weathering the Storm" virtual concert on June 14.

The Genesee Valley Children’s Choir is offering a live virtual concert today.

“Weathering the Storm” will feature live and pre-recorded performances presented through choir director Amy Cochrane’s YouTube channel.

The concert, scheduled for 3 p.m. on YouTube, will include such guests as the SUNY Geneseo Spectrum Singers, Wardell Lewis and Ted Canning.

The Children’s Choir is sharing the results of its virtual rehearsing and compilation of parts to create the performances, said choir director Amy Cochrane.

The concert will feature four videos – “that are awesome,” said choir director Amy Cochrane – and then two live performances.

“We will all be there and we will share what the experience was like for us as well,” Cochrane said.

The concert will include live performances of “Morning has Broken” and “Oh, didn’t it Rain!” The choir will premiere virtual choir pieces “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” “As the Rain Hides the Stars,” “Let’s Sing Again” and “The Storm is Passing Over.”

Those viewing the concert may wish to open two YouTube tabs, one to follow the livestream and one for the pre-recorded selections (the first will be “As the Rain Hides the Stars”). When the pre-recorded selections come up, mute the livestream – but keep it running – and play the pre-recorded video in the second tab direct from YouTube. When the excerpt is done, return to the livestream and unmute until the next pre-recorded video is shown.

“The livestream will be great for the program notes, to hear the kids live, to get some of their comments, but for the best audio quality of the videos, it is better direct from YouTube,” Cochrane said.

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